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immersive games

Some of the most immersive games to me were mass effect 1 and 2, halo trilogy, dragon age origins, oblivion, defiance, and far cry 3 but I'm. I dont think I have ever been as immersed in a video game as I have while playing Skyrim for the first time. I think it hit me while in Whiterun. I'm looking to get lost in another world, because this one is getting boring. I found myself *extremely* immersed in: * Subnautica * Sunless.

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Top 10 Most Immersive Game Worlds As for Metro , I have put about hours into that game. You can only set your username once. What really impressed me the most about the Dead Space games, especially in 2 and 3 was their sound design. ME3, repeatedly, for me. This was the only game that ever made me get man sweat in my eyes. It says something about a game when the other player draws an explore card and we find out they got poisoned. Sign up for free! Notes optional; required for "Other": Battlestar Galactica was also immersive to me, though I wonder if it's because I'm a huge fan of the series or not. With a good group, Diplomacy immerses you in the conversation and manipulation of the map. Maybe because you were using "surround sound" headphones, probably sold for gaming. I've rode around to different areas stave v zivo to find ukash online kaufen kreditkarte to do but haven't had sylvie meis blog luck. The MG set up one side of the building, the leader set up on another, and I set up watching stairs. Few people actually focused on the world around. It's such a richly realized universe iphone qr scan from the gibt es 15 euro psc of explorable planets to voluminous codex. It would have been much better if you instead could just drive around and admire the scenery, because god damn was it beautiful.

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The sound in that game blew me away. Amnesia is just exhilarating. There are multiple routes across the level. SUre you could win a little money, but a tiny amount. But once you hit Hengsha it gets really good and starts to click together. immersive games Metro Has a very minimal HUD that only shows things as you're using themThe scenes were you need the mask are very immerse, the heavy breathing, the small cracks and condensation really make 888 casino einzahlungsbonus feel in the game. Imperial Assault had the craziest ending for the finale where it came down to one lucky shot roll that I honestly couldnt believe we were not in a star wars movie. War of the Ring arschloch online an amazing job of feeling like you are part of the fellowship. I remember looking up from that game and it was 3 in the morning. And camp like hell. Immersive games when someone else gets the properties and you can't afford to buy in and just get slowly annihilated by rent. From when you first hear gun shots in cherno to seeing zombies spawned at a crashed heli yards away, whenever someone was near my heart rate massively increased and I became nervous. Everything in Metro in terms of player experience I thought was incredible. It was my first MMO too but I never knew a place could be so massive in a video game. Not even for The Witcher 3, or any other big name highly praised titles that have come out lately. The graphics weren't anything ground breaking, but the fully realized sci-fi universe combined with excellent writing, best ever characterization for companions, narrated codex entries I almost never read the codex except in that game , and those romance quest lines combined for a very emotionally engaging and entertaining experience.

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